3 Month Dynamic Duo Pack (Unique Biome Bulk Pack + PRO+)

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The Dynamic Duo

Discover the Ultimate Wellness Synergy with The Dynamic Duo. This powerful combination of AEON Unique Biome™ and AEON PRO+ brings together the convenience of a powder sachet and the efficacy of a vegan capsule, offering a comprehensive approach to gut health, cognitive enhancement, and overall vitality.

The Dynamic Duo is an all-in-one solution for gut health, leveraging the best of both worlds – the ease of Unique Biome™ sachets and the potency of PRO+ capsules. This combination ensures enhanced nutrient absorption and overall nourishment, while also providing a cognitive and immune boost.

Ideal for health-conscious individuals who desire a comprehensive and convenient approach to their wellness routine, The Dynamic Duo addresses a broad spectrum of health needs. From digestion and mental clarity to immune strength and detoxification, this package is your key to holistic health."

Unique IS2™ Probiotic with Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract


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The Dynamic Duo™

The Ultimate Wellness Synergy
for Mind and Body

Experience the pinnacle of health and wellness with The Dynamic Duo – a synergistic combination of AEON Unique Biome™ and AEON PRO+. This package is the ultimate solution for those seeking comprehensive health benefits in one powerful combo.

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All-in-One Gut Health Solution

The Dynamic Duo leverages the digestive support of Unique Biome™ with the cognitive enhancement of PRO+. Together, they ensure your gut health is in perfect harmony, enhancing nutrient absorption and promoting a balanced microbiome. This powerful combination supports a robust digestive system, laying the foundation for overall health.

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Cognitive and Immune Boost

With AEON PRO+, experience the remarkable benefits of Lion’s Mane mushroom and Bacillus coagulans. This duo works in tandem to sharpen your mind and fortify your immune system. The neurotrophic effects of Lion’s Mane enhance your cognitive functions, while the probiotic strength of Bacillus coagulans offers unmatched immune support.

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Holistic Approach to Wellness

The Dynamic Duo is not just about addressing individual health concerns; it's about nurturing your health holistically. By addressing a broad spectrum of wellness needs – from digestion and mental clarity to immune strength and detoxification – this combination ensures you are covered on all fronts.

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Ideal for those who refuse to compromise on their health, The Dynamic Duo is your comprehensive answer to a well-rounded wellness routine. Embrace the power of this combination and step into a world of enhanced health and vitality.


Benefits Of Fulvic And Humic Acid


Discover the transformative power of AEON, a 100% natural Fulvic & Humic acid supplement. AEON is the evolution of Shilajit, an ancient Ayurvedic medicine known for its health benefits and longevity properties.

Improve gut health, boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, increase energy, and optimize your overall well-being with AEON's potent blend of Fulvic and Humic acids. Join us on a journey to holistic wellness and vitality with AEON

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What People are saying about AEON


I am an active person and my diet and lifestyle are great. Unfortunately we are chronically exposed to environmental toxins which can cause health and digestive issues. I use AEON everyday to help my stomach, immune system and energy levels. I love it and recommend it to anyone looking to stay healthy and active!



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Since taking Aeon, I have felt a huge change in both my energy levels throughout the day and my performance while being active (playing sports and at the gym). I have suffered from anemia since a young age and I find many of the symptoms related to that have been alleviated. I also appreciate how quick and easy it is opposed to juggling all the supplement bottles on a busy morning!


Professional Model

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Here’s a few ⇒ Healed my gut ⇒ Heartburn gone ⇒ Inflammation gone ⇒ Cramping gone ⇒ Chronic pain in my knees, ankles gone ⇒ Thyroid dysfunction, functional now ⇒ Find myself also really calm, feeling of serenity Overall guys, this stuff is 11/10 in my book. Gave me my life back. No more pain and I’m feeling 25years old. I would recommend to anyone’s and everything that has a heartbeat. I even put my dogs on it!!! They will live forever!



Michelle Anapen.jpeg__PID:d9d2e65d-c8d9-4eb9-a558-f4c89f0c54cd

AEON is life changing and gut changing for me! I have been struggling constantly with my bloating issues and bowel movement. And being a female, this can create such negative impact in my head and overall body positivity. When I started taking AEON, within 24 hours to 48 hours of taking it, I have less to little bloating episodes, I feel leaner overall especially in my stomach area, and my bowel movement is more regular. 


Pharmacy Tech

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I was blown away at how immediate the effects of this product were. With 48 hours of starting I felt a notable enhancement in mood, and stable, day long, non-stimulant energy. My desire to nap ended immediately and I also found great consistency in bowel regularity. This product is a great addition to any health optimization regimen.


Sales VP


I had a intestine health issue that used to cause me fatigue, restless sensation, brain fog low energy and low brain function. And the connection brain intestine is so strong and real. So I started drinking AEON and I’ve been experiencing the benefits of it in a short period of time. Now I feel more energy, I’m able to be more focused, my intestine is much better and also my brain in general is functioning great. My whole body health is much better now. I’m able to do my daily activities and trainings and much better performance and quality! Thank you AEON 


MMA Athlete


AEON isnt just for humans! For almost 3 years my dog, my little heart, has been fighting a resistant bacteria. She has gone through so much. In less than a week she is calmer and less stressed. Even the woman who works on her facia noticed. I never thought I would see results this quickly. This gives me hope for the future. I now know that we are on the right path. 

Leza & London

Julian F.png__PID:d77e96c6-0cd6-4b9a-8574-6b3908aca388

I absolutely love AEON – there are a lot of health benefits in the product, but the number one thing I have taken away is that I feel a new, rejuvenated sense of focus while working on the computer for long hours (stock trading, video editing, etc.) I’ve noticed a MARKED increase in my ability to react fast to the market and I have to credit that to AEON and my overall sense of being able to wake up, feel clarity sooner and maintain that for the entire day. Definitely adding it to my stack long-term! 


Crypto Enthusiast & Creative Director

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