AEON Fulvic Acid Customer Reviews


Susy Wells

I use AEON daily!

I am an active person and my diet and lifestyle are great. Unfortunately we are chronically exposed to environmental toxins which can cause health and digestive issues. I use AEON everyday to help my stomach, immune system and energy levels. I love it and recommend it to anyone looking to stay healthy and active!


Leza Labrador


AEON isnt just for humans! For almost 3 years my dog, my little heart, has been fighting a resistant bacteria. She has gone through so much. I started her on True AEON as part of a leaky gut protocol. My idea is if we can help her gut we will have a better chance at winning the war. In less than a week she is calmer and less stressed. Even the woman who works on her facia noticed. I never thought I would see results this quickly. This gives me hope for the future. I now know that we are on the right path. In addition to this amazing product, the customer service is what you would call old school. Personalized service with kindness, compassion and respect. Thank you with all my heart in helping my baby girl London.

Alyson Keefer

Feel way better! ?

AEON helped my stomach issues fairly quickly. I would say it took about a week or two to really feel the benefits. I’m less bloated and feeling more energy now. Lost a few pounds too as a bonus and stomach feels flat. Will buy again!AEON helped my stomach issues fairly quickly. I would say it took about a week or two to really feel the benefits. I’m less bloated and feeling more energy now. Lost a few pounds too as a bonus and stomach feels flat. Will buy again!


Thiago Angelon

Back to life

I had a intestine health issue that used to cause me fatigue, restless sensation, brain fog low energy and low brain function. And the connection brain intestine is so strong and real. So I started drinking AEON and I’ve been experiencing the benefits of it in a short period of time. Now I feel more energy, I’m able to be more focused, my intestine is much better and also my brain in general is functioning great. My whole body health is much better now. I’m able to do my daily activities and trainings and much better performance and quality! Thank you AEON

Maria Christina Alvarez

Fulvic + Probiotics= gut issues gone! ?

I am in the healthcare industry, work super long hours and my diet often suffers and my stress levels are fairly high. My co-workers and I suffer from digestive issues likely caused my these factors. We have been complaining about how hard it is to find a good probiotic that actually works. It wasnt until after doing some more research did we realized that we likely had leaky gut. One of us stumbled upon fulivc acid and its unique properties in helping to heal the gut membrane. Well i have to say after adding AEON to my probiotic routine my stomach issues are basically gone. I will continue to use this as a daily.


Better than my probiotics

I have been dealing with IBS issues for a while now. I have tried various probiotics with mixed results. Some of them even made me feel worse. A friend at the gym suggested AEON and I couldnt be happier. In a couple of days I noticed less bloating and in less than a month most of my other symptoms seem to be gone. I recommend it 🙂

Laurel J

I should have tried fulvic acid years ago

I have leaky gut and trust me, I have tried everything from laxatives to all sorts of prescription drugs. Most of the time they just made it worse. I talked to friend whose naturopath recommended fulvic acid to her. I Googled where to buy some and found AEON. I felt the difference almost immediately. After about a week, my bloating went down and I became more regular. I wish I had known about this stuff years ago! I highly recommend you try it. SOLID 4.5 ⭐️

Sara S.

❤️ AEON!

I just love this stuff. Helps me keep my stomach flat and less bloated. It seems to boost my metabolism as well my energy. Its worth it. 5 stars!!!

Michelle Anapen.jpeg__PID:d9d2e65d-c8d9-4eb9-a558-f4c89f0c54cd

Michelle Anapen

Life changing!

AEON is life changing and gut changing for me! I have been struggling constantly with my bloating issues and bowel movement. And being a female, this can create such negative impact in my head and overall body positivity. When I started taking AEON, within 24 hours to 48 hours of taking it, I have less to little bloating episodes, I feel leaner overall especially in my stomach area, and my bowel movement is more regular. Also, the absorption of my supplements is more noticeable during my workout sessions because of my healthier gut flora. AEON has been part of our daily routine, and recently, I have been sipping AEON infuse water during my shift at work. I can’t do without it. It is a must in our household.

Olivia C.jpeg__PID:a6751bc6-b7f7-4658-86b2-a74110272c75

Olivia C

Changed My Life

Since taking Aeon, I have felt a huge change in both my energy levels throughout the day and my performance while being active (playing sports and at the gym). I have suffered from anemia since a young age and I find many of the symptoms related to that have been alleviated. I also appreciate how quick and easy it is opposed to juggling all the supplement bottles on a busy morning!

Pascal Therien.jpeg__PID:cd96032e-70ec-440d-b8c7-bc68569546db

Pascal Therien

A miracle...perhaps happened to me.

Heard about Aeon from friend of mine, told me that I could healed my leaky gut and get rid of my daily heartburn. I was all in since I’ve been dealing with stomach issues and heartburn for long time. The burning was unbearable. After a week or so, I could feel my heartburn go away, the bloating and stomachache also. But I got way more than that. Here’s a few ⇒ Healed my gut ⇒ Heartburn gone ⇒ Inflammation gone ⇒ Cramping gone ⇒ Chronic pain in my knees, ankles gone ⇒ Thyroid dysfunction, functional now ⇒ Find myself also really calm, feeling of serenity Overall guys, this stuff is 11/10 in my book. Gave me my life back. No more pain and I’m feeling 25years old. I would recommend to anyone’s and everything that has a heartbeat. I even put my dogs on it!!! They will live forever! Thank you AEON family. It’s a privilege to have found this amazing product. God bless and Stay healthy!

Colin Williams.jpeg__PID:8bea0d43-c57f-4fa3-8bf0-9e42a6c9026c

Colin Williams


I was blown away at how immediate the effects of this product were. With 48 hours of starting I felt a notable enhancement in mood, and stable, day long, non-stimulant energy. My desire to nap ended immediately and I also found great consistency in bowel regularity. This product is a great addition to any health optimization regimen.

Julian F.png__PID:d77e96c6-0cd6-4b9a-8574-6b3908aca388

Julian F

Gave me focus!

I absolutely love AEON – there are a lot of health benefits in the product, but the number one thing I have taken away is that I feel a new, rejuvenated sense of focus while working on the computer for long hours (stock trading, video editing, etc.) To be honest I was a bit skeptical about all the claims at first… lots of “snake oil” like products on the market. But I gave it a shot. I did not really notice effects until the 3rd week after daily use. Since I’m on the west coast, I have to wake up 5:30AM every morning for stock trading – and that comes with a TON of brain fog – which is not something you want to deal with when trading 5 or 6 figures at rapid speeds. I’ve noticed a MARKED increase in my ability to react fast to the market and I have to credit that to AEON and my overall sense of being able to wake up, feel clarity sooner and maintain that for the entire day. Definitely adding it to my stack long-term!

Emily Scott

Used shilajit for years and made the switch.

As an Ayurvedic practitioner I am very well versed on the benefits of shilalit and have been using it from various brands for almost 8 years. I recently read some articles that shilajit may contain high amounts of heavy metals depending on the deposit source and brand. A colleague of mine suggested I switch to AEON which she said was a purified shilajit that is sourced in Canada. She has been using it for 10 months now and has nothing but good things to say about it, so I thought i would give it a shot. AEON is definitely easier to take and tastes substantially better than shilajit. The benefits on my mood and energy are amazing. I have replaced my shilajit with AEON and so far i am very happy with the results. I am now recommending it to my clients.

Paul C.

Improved my mood and energy?

I have taken a lot supplements over the years (and still do). What I liked about AEON is that it I felt it immediately. It wasnt like a stimulant but more like it lifted my mood and energy levels. Kind of like taking Ashwagandha I find it functions as an adaptogen, bringing my body and mind into balance. I am going to continue to take it because of it’s long term benefits as well. Great product. I recommend it!