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Transforming Your Health Naturally

Curated selection of pure essential oils for use in diffusersand spa treatments

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Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection

Discover the perfect combination of essential oils for optimal wellness

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Natural Ingredients for Lasting Wellness

High-quality carrier oils, perfect for diluting essential oils and creating your own blends

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Featured Studies

Fulvic and Humic Acids

Humic and/or Fulvic Acid and Human Health

This link leads to PubMed search results exploring the effects
and implications of humic and fulvic acids on human health.

TitleInfluence of humic and fulvic acids on living organisms and prospects for their application
AuthorsO. Rylskyi, Y. Petrusha, K. Dombrovskyi, S. Okhrimenko
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AbstractAnalyzes the impact of humic and fulvic acids on various organisms, including effects on human health.
TitleDetermining the role of human substances in the fate of pesticides in the environment
AuthorsS. U. Khan
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AbstractDiscusses how humic and fulvic acids influence the behavior and fate of pesticides in the environment and their implications for human health.
TitleHumic + Fulvic acid mitigated Cd adverse effects on plant growth, physiology and biochemical properties of garden cress
AuthorsE. Yıldırım, M. Ekinci, M. Turan, et al.
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AbstractExamines the effects of humic and fulvic acid on alleviating cadmium toxicity in garden cress, with implications for human health through food safety.
TitleDetermination of Organic Compounds, Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, and Humin in Peat and Sapropel Alkaline Extracts
AuthorsLaurynas Jarukas, L. Ivanauskas, Giedre Kasparaviciene, et al.
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Abstract Analyzes organic compounds, fulvic acid, humic acid, and humin in different peat and sapropel extracts from Lithuania.
TitleProtective effects of humic acid against chromium stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Delabrad-2)
AuthorsA. Akçin, T. Akcin
(No DOI available)
URL Click here
AbstractInvestigates the effects of humic acid on photosynthetic pigment and malondialdehyde content against chromium stress in wheat.
TitleHumic Acid and Fulvic Acid Hinder Long-Term Weathering of Microplastics in Lake Water
AuthorsXiaowei Wu, Peng Liu, Zhimin Gong, et al.
URL Click here
Abstract Explores how humic acid and fulvic acid inhibit the photoaging of polypropylene microplastics in lake water.

Bacillus coagulans

Bacillus Coagulans and Human Health:

This search on PubMed provides a collection of studies and articles about the health benefits and applications of Bacillus coagulans in human health.

TitleProbiotic characteristics of Bacillus coagulans and associated implications for human health and diseases
Authors Jiang Cao, Zhiming Yu, Wenyin Liu, et al.
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Abstract Discusses the beneficial effects of B. coagulans on intestinal digestion, regulation of microbiota, and immune system benefits.
TitleOverview of Probiotic Strains of Weizmannia coagulans, Previously Known as Bacillus coagulans, as Food Supplements and Their Use in Human Health
AuthorsS. Fijan, Tamara Fijan, N. Connil
URL Click here
Abstract Reviews the health benefits of various strains of Weizmannia coagulans, including gastrointestinal relief and immune system support.
TitleA review on Bacillus coagulans as a Spore-Forming Probiotic
AuthorsN. Adibpour, M. Hosseininezhad, Abolfazl Pahlevanlo, M. Hussain
URL Click here
AbstractExplores the therapeutic, functional, and biosafety properties of Bacillus coagulans as a novel probiotic.
TitleBacillus coagulans as a probiotic
AuthorsD. Keller, S. Farmer, A. McCartney, G. Gibson
URL Click here
Abstract Discusses the potential of Bacillus coagulans as a spore-forming probiotic in various applications.
Title The First Report of Bacteriocin Production by the Bacillus coagulans IS2 and its Antibacterial Effects
AuthorsM. Sharifi, Hatef Ajodani Far, Abolfazl Pahlevanlo, M. Hosseininezhad
URL Click here
AbstractAssesses the antimicrobial effects of bacteriocin extracted from B. coagulans IS2 against different food-borne bacteria.
TitleImpact of Bacillus in fermented soybean foods on human health
AuthorsTrishala Gopikrishna, Harini Keerthana Suresh Kumar, K. Perumal, Elavarashi Elangovan
URL Click here
Abstract Explores the beneficial and deleterious impacts of Bacillus species in fermented soybean foods on human health.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Cognitive Benefits)

Lion's Mane and Human Health:

Access research and scholarly articles on PubMed about the impact of Lion's Mane mushroom on various aspects of human health.

Title Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus): Effects on Cognitive Function
Authors Stephen M. Farrar
URL Click here
Abstract Reviews the support of Lion’s Mane mushroom for the nervous system and its potential in treating neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive decline.
TitleThe Acute and Chronic Effects of Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplementation on Cognitive Function, Stress and Mood in Young Adults: A Double-Blind, Parallel Groups, Pilot Study
AuthorsS. Docherty, Faye L. Doughty, Ellen Smith
URL Click here
Abstract Investigates the effects of Hericium erinaceus on cognitive function and mood in a healthy, young adult cohort.
TitleTherapeutic potential of Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) in neurological and cognitive disorders - a review of the literature
AuthorsTomasz Skubel, J. Budzyńska, Jakub Czarnota, et al.
URL Click here
Abstract Reviews scientific research on the potential properties of Hericium erinaceus in treating neurological and cognitive disorders.
TitleLion’s Mane Mushroom- From Culinary to Medicine
AuthorsGilbert David, Jessica Williams
URL Click here
Abstract Explores the diverse facets of Lion's Mane, including its nutritional composition and health benefits.
Title ALSUntangled #73: Lion's Mane
AuthorsMaya Muhana, Issac Lund, Mark Bromberg, et al.
URL Click here
AbstractDiscusses the potential benefits of Lion's Mane in fighting infection, cancer, and its use in neurodegenerative disease research.
TitleUse of Hericium erinaceus as a potential therapeutic of mental disorders: a systematic review
AuthorsP. Cortonesi, Laura Fogaça de Almeida, Rafael Monteiro Tancredi Pinheiro, et al.
URL Click here
Abstract Reviews the use of Hericium erinaceus in treating cognitive decline, Alzheimer's disease, and mental diseases like depression and anxiety.